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Golriz Print Started in 1965 ...

About Golriz Print Co

Golriz Esfahan Textile Printing Company was established in 1966 in Esfahan. This factory include several units of preparing, Dying, printing and finishing of variety type of fabrics. Developing the plant in a land of 270 thousand square meters and structure of 112 thousand square meters with a set of facilities, including modern machinery from leading European companies, technical know-how's, experiences as well as the efforts of over 1’000 employees and using the best raw materials now has made Golriz Print Factories as one of the biggest textile companies in the Middle East which produces variety of fabrics including indigo, denim Jeans, shirting, bed linen, curtain, black chador, scarves, shawls, clothing and blankets combined with cotton up holstery, synthetic fibers and mixed. The considerable part of our new plant's products have been allocated for export to EU countries like Germany, Italy and Greece.